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Sunday, June 29, 2014

In the Service of the Shepherd King Part 3

The Shepherd King
Part 3

I turned to see who was there with me, and I saw a man with curly dark hair and brown eyes. He smelled of the outdoors and looked muscular and strong. I knew he was a shepherd when I saw his staff. His robe was secured at the waist, and His sandals were old and worn. He was binding up my wounds and putting a healing oil on each one. This was the same oil that He would use on his lambs and sheep. It deterred flies and gave relief from their bites.

His hands – so gentle yet so strong inspired a great confidence in me. I was safe with Him, and I knew it. His eyes were kind but discerning.

Who are You?”, I asked. He smiled as He said, “I am a shepherd. My flocks are grazing nearby. I was out hunting for a lost lamb.”

Why are you so downcast?” he inquired.

I told him all, this time with the tears that come when someone kind and sympathetic asks what the matter is.

He listened to every word, then after a brief silence, he said, “Sooooooo, you are in the service of the Shepherd King. Some say that He is a hard master. And some say that He is not. But I have heard that any who wish to serve Him may. Does He require total commitment to His rules? I have heard some say that they have never felt so loved and protected as when they joined Him in the fight against the darkness.”

I answered with a smile.
I should be going.” I said.

Let me tell you a secret.” said the shepherd. “The world is filled with darkness and dangerous evil creatures of darkness. But remember that the darkness does not comprehend the light and the truth. Shine and do not hide. Shine and the darkness will flee. Draw near to the Shepherd King, and He will draw near to you!”
I turned to thank this kind shepherd. But he was gone. It was as if he had disappeared. Strangely I still felt his presence.

I went out and found that my shield had been repaired, but I never saw the shepherd do it. My enemies were gone – at least for now. So I started down the path to the town of Parkinson's Disease. I didn't particularly feel like it, but I sang a shepherd's song:

In God's green pastures
feeding by His cool waters lie;
soft in the evening walk my Lord and I
all the sheep of his pastures fare so wonderfully fine.
His sheep am I.
waters cool,
in the valley;
pastures green,
on the mountain;
in the evening
walk my Lord and I.
dark the night
in the valley;
rough the way
on the mountain ;
in the evening walk my Lord and I.

My heart was lifted up even though the way was tough and I had so far to go.

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