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Friday, December 18, 2015

You Have Been in my Dreams

You Have Been in my Dreams

It's Christmas time. This is the last of the year, and we all want it to be perfect and magical, everyone happy and even joyful. We remember the good years, when things worked out pretty much that way, or close to it.

It's hard to dream great things without including other people into our hopes. Especially if they are our children.... I found myself dreaming for one of my children, and I even started getting anxiety because I can see, she is altering her course away from what I want for her. She wants a lot of the same things that I want for her, but where I can see the pitfalls and valleys – all dangerous of course - her inexperience and even naivete do not properly warn her. I worry over all that may befall her.

But God is gently reminding me that she must dream for herself and live each day as SHE chooses. I did the same thing when I was young. God is reminding me of His patience with me, and His discipline when I have veered off course. There were plenty of times that I was the wayward sheep.

Yes, I know that the world is a lot more dangerous now than then. I know that we are like an ant in a hurricane. Evil forces crouch at the door waiting to pounce on our unsuspecting kids. But God has heard our prayers and He loves them. He has listened to our intercession for each one. And He says in a quiet and loving way, “You must not try to force your dreams upon them. I am God. You are not. Trust me to do what I do.

So miraculously I have let my expectations go – like balloons floating up into the sky until the sight of them is gone. I don't know what's best.... but God does. I'm not their Holy Spirit..........but God is. My motives are not always pure.... but God's are. I have decided to trust Him with what was His all along: my precious children.

Oh, I'm not going to sit back and do nothing. I'm giving my time to prayer. I don't know the outcome of specific things, but I know Who does. He tells me to pray without ceasing. Our passionate and heartfelt prayers are perhaps the greatest fear of our powerful enemy. We must travail in prayer, holding these precious ones up constantly to Him, but refraining from trying to conform them to our very small ideas. God's dreams for them are huge and amazing. And He has the power and authority to make them happen.

Give the people around you, room to live. If you want to change them, or find that your help is unwanted, take your concerns to Him in prayer and then don't take pick them up again. If you have PD, then you know the deadly effects that anxiety produces in our bodies.

  1. go to God in prayer
  2. pour out your heart to Him
  3. Trust Him to act
  4. Never stop praying
  5. Trust Him in everything
  6. And did I say.......Trust Him?
  7. Trust Him

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