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Monday, November 14, 2011

You Shape the World Every Day

There is not a word spoken… or a deed done… that does not affect every person around. Well chosen words and acts will hit their intended mark as well as many unintended. Conversely, selfish and thoughtless expressions will injure and wound indiscriminately.
Either way these deeds and words spring from a person’s heart. Mean expressions come from meanness of heart, and kindness is the fruit of a loving heart. We all have parts of both. But there are times when for whatever reason, someone decides to put themselves first (to gratify self) even at the expense of another. One time builds upon another, ‘til it becomes a pattern. To continue in this direction requires lies and denial. To change requires a change of heart and attitude - sorrow.
But damage has been done - to relationships; to reputations, to self-respect (mine and yours)…. Unfortunately, just being sorry (even truly and sincerely sorry) will not repair the damage already done. Trust has been broken. Lies have built walls to keep out more hurt. Pain has bred anger.
Now the question is, “Do I want to repair for my part what I’ve broken?“, or, “Do I care?“. The one will require humility - confession and restitution. The other, nothing.


belle meline said...

It is impossible to take back words. It is possible however to access the One Forgiver who is ever-present in situations where we have lost our real hearts and behaved inappropriately.

When someone else is mean-spirited, we need not accept this as a wound. We MAY turn to Christ at our side, and remember that often a smile is a great eraser.

In the end, it is one simple act from within that is the beginning of repairing damages either intentioned or not intentioned. That act is grounded in the humility that we are all human and therefore imperfect beings.

The greatest forgiveness and healing comes from trying and remembering that HE is the one who will do the healing - we only begin it by our intentions.

How blessed we are when we can remember who died to FORGIVE us and bring healing into the world.

Anna said...

Belle, thank you for taking the time to comment! You have summed it all up and said it beautifully when you wrote: "He is the one who will do the healing - we only begin it by our intentions."