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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Emma's Life

Emma's story goes beyond her life and death.  She was a little girl born with a rare genetic disorder that shortened her life.  She was a candle not long lit - a heavenly baby....  Not meant  too long for this world.  But long enough to make a difference. 
What I learn from Emma's short life is this:  She is like our cherished dream - our treasure, our Isaac - given by God - but taken away. 
Don't tell me that earthly sorrows don't have purpose.  Don't think what makes us cry or breaks our hearts is only tragedy.  That would be to snip the bud before it blossums.  It's true there are tragedies, but allowed to go beyond that cheerless place of darkness there is victory.  Our struggle brings life for others.  A seed must die first - then be raised to life.  Life comes through death. 
O, Death, your reign nears the end, and then we will say, "Where is your sting?"
Beloved, don't get stuck on trajedy.  Go beyond the pain of loss - the idea of senseless poverty.  To stop there will rob you of victory - will take away purpose - will make it all senseless.
Is your health gone?  Is your hope gone?  Has there been a death?  Go beyond....  Ask God to help you see the life beyond the death....

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