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Monday, December 23, 2013

Listen, Hear, Come......

On a night many many moons ago, I was given a gift. Not the kind you can put in a box and wrap. It was just too big to wrap. And anyway, it wasn't the kind of gift that you could see. Not with these eyes I have. But with other eyes. I couldn't see it, but knew what it was.
Actually, I was wrong when I said it couldn't be wrapped. It was wrapped. Not in bright colors with foils and bows....but it was spectacular all the same. Soft and tender, frail and weak it was wondrous yet passed over by men who could not see it's worth – men who did not dream – whose thoughts went no further than their eyes could see. Hidden treasure it was – pure gold – so pure – transparent like a bottomless crystal it was all new – never before imagined. Fluid like sparkling water – defineable yet always changing – it could not be named. It was not to be found in the window of a store or under a tree or even on someone's wish list. No one had ever dreamed how huge this tiny gift would be – how it would fill hearts with joy and make men new – how it would rescue those long ago lost who roamed aimlessly through never-ending darkness – thicker than the blackest fog. Soft brown eyes, that were too new to focus – rosy fat cheeks and arms that opened wide to embrace the world, this tiny life attended Creation – was there when stars were born to announce his arrival on earth. Angels sang but not one could do justice to the gift.
What was it?
A Word.
Just one word that spoke in every language to every heart.
One beautiful Word.
Listen..........Hear it..........
Powerful and tender, it is what you have longed to hear though you never knew it.
Do you hear? The gift is there, and it is here. Now and forevermore. Can you name it? Oh, come Word......... Show me who You are................

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