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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Shepherd King Part 8

The Shepherd King
Part 8

More and more of the time, I was depressed. My wounds had not healed and every movement had become an effort, draining my energy. I found a spot to rest on the road I traveled and sat with my little book to read of the wonderful things to come........ I read of miracles of healing and how the Shepherd King's mighty warriors crushed His evil enemies. I read of the things He believed in – how He stood for truth and how He loved His own. He would even fight for His people. I dreamnt of becoming a great warrior in His ranks. It gave me hope that I too would one day be healed and have the joy of effortless movement, of no pain and I would not be able to contain my joy! But for now it made me sad in some ways because the Shepherd King had not come yet.....not to me.

Were the Shepherd King's promises really for me? Does the Shepherd King still do miracles today? I was thinking on the wonderful words in His book, and totally absorbed in my thoughts: “O, Shepherd King, that You would rend the heavens when You hear our cries! That You would come down from Your wonderful palace and heal us! That the mountains might shake at Your longed-for presence – and as fire burns brushwood; like fire that causes water to boil – come and heal us! May the fire of Your love heal us. And then Your name will be known to all Your adversaries (like to the town of Parkinson's Disease) – that hell hole of a town - so they would be moved at Your presence!”

As if in answer to my thoughts, The ground began to rumble. Rocks started falling and trees fell over. If this could be put into words, I think it would be the Shepherd King's reply. I think He was saying that indeed He would one day come for me. And that He had never left me alone – though I couldn't see Him – and I was not to worry because He never would. And lastly, He seemed to say that I had a part in defeating the darkness, though I could not see it. I had purpose, and I was very precious to Him.

All was quiet – for a moment …. And then, I saw that when the rocks moved, it had disturbed a nest of scorpions. They were very large and very deadly. I could not move fast enough to get to a safe spot, and so they began to advance towards me with their tails curled up, ready to sting.

I could open my book though and my eye fell on this line: “I – the Shepherd King – have given you authority to tread on scorpions and snakes. You will command them, and they will obey.” Without thinking I held up my hand and said, “Stop!” They came to a stop! Then I commanded them to lie in wait for the wolves that had been tracking me, and to KILL THEM.

Night was coming on. With my back up against a wall, and a clear view of the path I had just come from, I waited.................... 

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