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Monday, February 22, 2010

What am I to do With My Past?

I decided to write a book. It's all about my journey with Parkinson's Disease. I want to tell the world what I learned and how I coped. I want to share with the world my conversations with God throughout the toughest times. I want someone to know. But more than anything, I want to glorify God (Who never left me) and testify to the world that there IS a God, and He loves us and has a purpose for every life.
Sounds alright........... Nothing wrong with that.
But I can't find a literary agent! I am told that without one, I'll never get past the front door of a publishing company. I can't get published because I don't have an agent; I can't find an agent because I've not been published. This makes about as much sense to me as the disease. Meanwhile, the hope that I can point you to, stays in my book...that's not published.
I learned alot about God and His neverending love becauses of this disease, and I learned patience as I watched God unfold His plan for me according to HIS time table, and I really just want to spread the good news that hope is never lost for those who belong to Jesus Christ. I don't think this disease taught me anything about finding an agent................ But wait. Maybe it did. Didn't I just type the words, "hope is never lost for those who belong to Jesus Christ"? And something about patience................

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