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Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's the Difference - Christian or Not?

What difference does being a Christian make in reference to my having Parkinson's Disease? Some have pointed out that the disease will have the same effect on the body and will take its course regardless of the persons beliefs. This same source made the point that we deal with our problems by drawing on our own life experiences and not according to what we believe in or WHO we believe in.
I respectfully disagree, though I believe we each have the right to believe whatever we choose. The trouble I have with that opinion IS my own life experience, which has everything to do with WHO I believe in. In my darkest days of suffering, I depended entirely on Jesus to get me through. Yes, my body progressively worsened as the disease took its course, but mentally and emotionally, it made a world of difference knowing that my Creator loved me, was there with me, and in His sovereignty, had a purpose for letting me suffer in this way. There was nothing random in my situation. It wasn't all for nothing. I rested in the fact that my God was in charge of my life, and was not finished with me or the people around me yet.
And praise Him, through technology and new procedures I HAVE conquered this disease. I am a walking miracle!!! The story is too long to tell here, but I have written a book called "Praying Through Parkinson's Disease" that I am trying to get published. It is my testimony to the power and grace and love of a God who is greater than we can imagine, think or hope
Because I believe in a Creator who is all powerful and all loving, I can know that my life is not just a result of random possibilites and meaningless in the scheme of things. I love knowing that I have worth in the eyes of my Creator and that my life has purpose. His strength is made perfect in my weakness, He is able to carry me through ANYTHING.

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Anonymous said...

Anna, I couldn't agree more. My journey with cancer, after having been the picture of health my entire life, was, to me, simply an opportunity to honor and glorify God for His grace and mercy. Not once did I ever even entertain the thought that cancer would or could win. As you have well said, He is not finished with us yet... but uses His faithful to glorify Himself until we are called home to be with Him for eternity... each in unique ways specific to His plan. I praise Him for your testimony and faithfulness, and for your friendship, example and encouragement through these 30+ years! Lana