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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Love or Knowledge?

The world is a difficult place to be.  We can't be sure of anything.  Bad things happen and safety seems only an illusion.  If I dwell on life's uncertainties and entertain my fears I will lose heart.  If I focus on doing the right things, I will eventually bear resentment, and come to the end of  my strength.  There are so many unanswered questions about everything, that it can drive me crazy not knowing the answers. 
Religion attempts to answer some of our questions, and does simplify things by making lists and having rules.  But that too can become tiresome and ungratifying. 
Seeking God - making Him my first priority - simplifies everything, and is so satisfying.  Good behavior and right thoughts and actions automatically follow when I have a love relationship with Him.
Does relationship with Him make things any more predictable?  Can you be sure of certain outcomes?  Are things safer with Him? 
Answers are important to people with PD.  But will answers really give us the peace that we long for, and will I have any more control over things than I do now?  Can knowing more really lessen the stress of living?
I propose that the answer to those questions is no.  Then, what is the answer?  How can I simplify my life and calm my fears?  How can I get rid of anxiety?  It's all so damaging to our bodies.
I think we are looking for all the answers in the wrong places. 
Let me try to explain:  Do you remember your first love?  All you wanted to do was spend time with that person.  Then, problems just seemed to fade away.  As long as you could be with that person, you felt like you could face anything.  You felt like no problem was so big that it couldn't  be solved.  There was a peace and a confidence that pervaded your soul when with this person.  You didn't spend much time (if any) worrying about things.  You just knew that everything would be allright because you were not alone, and you were loved.
It's the same thing with God.  He is there with you - loving you, tending  to your problems, always having your best interest at heart....  Do you have any more answers than before?  Maybe not.  But that's not what is important.  It's not WHAT you know....  It's WHO you know.
I'm never going to have all of the answers, but I can totally belong to the One who does, and that's what's important.
I am loved therefore I love, and that is all I really want.  Then I can rest despite not having all the answers, because I know He does. 
Thank you, heavenly Father that you love me and I take comfort knowing that You know everything about me.  I trust You to know all of the answers to my troubling questions.  I love You.