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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Law Can't Make You do it!

Since when has KNOWING the right thing to do made you faithful to do it?  Knowing what you should do is not a guarantee that you will do it.
Knowing what's right does not empower you to act accordingly.  It only reveals were you have failed to do it.  For ex:  Knowing that I shouldn't lie will not always stop me from lying but it will show me where I have sinned - where I have broken the law and lied.  It cannot change my heart.  But Jesus can.
Every day I awaken to the knowledge that yesterday I failed in one point or many, but today my Saviour's love for me will make possible my love for others.
Being in love is so wonderful you just WANT to do the right thing where others are concerned.  I won't envy or be jealous - I won't do harm to another because my cup is FULL.  I am loved.  My needs are met, therefore, I can begin to meet your needs.
Run into the arms of Jesus and there receive ALL you will need to get through your day, and receive His love for the others in your life.
If you are feeling uncharitable or unkind to someone else, then know that you are running low - YOUR cup needs more filling.  Go to Him and receive from Him what He freely gives.  He gives generously and without reproach to ALL.  If you understand the length, breadth, heighth and depth of His love for you then you w ill not feel the want of anything and your love for others will abound.  Your duty towards them will be automatically fulfilled.
I think it's always a challenge for people to see past themselves and truly love others - especially for those of us who have a disease.  It's hard for us to see past ourselves.  But if the truth be known, the others in our lives give so much and sacrifice daily so that we might be blessed.  What better way to thank them, than to love them. 

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