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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Does God Ever Say No?

So, you have a disease..............  Me too.  Have you tried different "remedies" hoping that by some miracle you will discover healing?  Have you deepened your thoughts and considered possibilities for healing that you never really thought of before?  Have you prayed for God to remove this mountain?  And has He?
I have heard it said many times, that God wills that every person be healed.  I believe that is true when looking at the big picture.  But God often shows us the ultimate result hoped for alongside of the daily realities between where we are now and where we will be then.  He may not manifest that healing immediately.  Why?
Because He may be able to reach more people in this world at the present time, by showing His power, and immense provision for us and in us who are so weak.  It may be for others who need to see a weak, fallen, disillusioned sick person, rising above every heartache, dealing with every dream dashed, somehow standing tall when it just isn't possible...... How can the world know of His great power and infinite love, unless they see it in action?  How can they know He is Saviour unless they see Him SAVE?
Oh, they could read about it in the Bible, but unless they SEE it in the lives of the hopeless, and unless they SEE the resurrection of hope long dead; unless they SEE God carry a person through the fire, they will not believe.
God sees you as healed if you belong to Him.  There may be some miles you have to travel before YOU see it, but healing will certainly come for His people.  Nowhere does God say that He will give what we ask, exactly WHEN we ask, in the way and measure we EXPECT it to come. He encourages us to ask, but in fact, He often says, "WAIT" for Me to give you your heart's desire.
If you are a parent, you have surely heard your child's request for something, and said, "OK", but you continue what you are doing until you get to a good stopping point, and THEN you set about the business of fulfilling the request. It's the same with God. God will not leave a single stone unturned, when it comes to loving people and saving them.
When the request came to Jesus to go to His friend, Lazarus and heal him, He tarried 2 more days.  Was He refusing to heal?  Did He heal in HIS time?  Did others believe in the Saviour because of this sickness that Lazarus endured and was ultimately healed from?
Look back over your life and remember.........  Who had to suffer so that you could be redeemed?  Who walked a slippery path while you watched and learned that there is a God?  Did you watch as someone worked their way through troubles you could only imagine?  Someone had to suffer for the lessons you learned.  And if you belong to Him, He will lead someone else to the Truth as they watch you walk the path before you.
Healing will come.  Know that there is purpose in the wait.  Be joyful that healing will come.  He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should have life, and have it more abundantly!

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Deb@Journey Thru ICE Syndrome said...

I so agree with you on this! God has an overall plan for each and every one us. It is up to us to choose to embrace what we are given and to know that God has a reason for it.