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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I haven't had much to say lately. Maybe it's because I haven't felt so good. I have so many aches and pains all over.......... But I want to take this opportunity to say - in the midst of pain - I am thankful. I will praise and worship my heavenly Father, knowing that He knows what is best for me. He is all powerful and at any moment He could make my pain disappear. But I will trust Him to do that at the right time. I will ask for healing and relief, to be sure, but I will remain yielded to His will.


Anonymous said...

Pain is one of the worst things regarding having PD!
I hope your pain subsides soon.
Pain is not for the weak, but for the strong.


Anna said...

Tonya, thanks so much for your sweet words of encouragement!

Anonymous said...

That last sentence of mine sounded lame. What I should have said is this: Pain makes us stronger!
Take care Anna.