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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Particular Moment of Time

How will you use the time that God has given you today? You're still here...........a new day has dawned.........and you have been given the same 24 hours that you were given yesterday. Perhaps you are not thrilled with the set of circumstances you are in which dictate a limited number of choices you have to choose from today, but just how WILL you choose to spend the time you have been given?

As for me, I don't want to make any choices today that I will regret tomorrow. I also don't want to waste or miss any opportunities that I will have today - opportunities that exist only in a particular moment of time. I don't want to miss any opportunities because I didn't recognize them, so I will look for them. I want to use my time to prepare for whatever may come tomorrow.

My disease puts me in a place that sometimes narrows down my choices to a handful of things to do or say. But if you are alive at this moment and reading these words I spent time this morning writing, then sit up and take notice of what you do have. God didn't give any of us a new day so we could waste it on self pity, or worthless pursuits. Impart to this world of people that you live in, what you can that will comfort, encourage, strengthen or edify. Only you can do that in your way.

One day we will all give an accounting for the time we were given. Prepare for that day. Make wise choices.

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