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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Praise Him in the Storm

Well, we've made it through the night and all is well. The Giant (Irene) has her big toe in the door. The rain is driving and gusting in a horizontal pattern. There are tornado warnings all around us. But we are safe and warm and dry. Our pets are secure. We have taken all precautions that we can: we are stocked up on water, flashlights have fresh batteries, we have a battery powered radio and first aid supplies with non perishable food items. We have prepared for every eventuality in whatever way we can. Yet we find ourselves under the merciful hand of God. We are in that place of total trust in Him, realizing that our own efforts alone are like the chaff before the wind.
It's the same thing with PD. We fight it in the ways we can (at best our efforts are puny), but in the end we must depend on our heavenly Father. He is our security; our comfort; our lighthouse in the tempest. We are not alone in the cold sea of humanity! We are not left to the whims of evil! Praise Him with me! I will praise you, O Lord in this time of uncertainty. I will praise You in this storm!
Reader, whoever you are and wherever you are, pray for us here - we are in the midst of a storm!

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