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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I am sometimes painfully aware that I am slow........ I speak slowly, I move slower than most, and time for me just seems to go slower than it used to. Actually, it's not so bad. What really does bother me though is being in the presence of someone who races through the day leaving me feeling like the tortoise who "raced" the hare. Some people talk as if they are reluctant to spend more than a moment to convey the barest minimum of their thoughts. You can see impatience rising up in them as they have to slow down just to listen.
To those of you who are like the hare, please don't make me feel bad for thoughtful words spoken in a slow southern drawl.... I would speed up at least just a little, if I could. And please don't think that what I have to say is any less important because it is delivered in a rhythm that is different to yours.

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