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Saturday, September 10, 2011

War Front

Do you feel the uncertainty of life in this world these days? I do too. As soon as I start to think about everything that goes wrong out there and how dangerous life can be, I wind up letting those thoughts go to the bottom of the pile and my mind goes somewhere else - somewhere to a time when things like 911 didn't happen. I am distracted and thoughts like that scare me.

This morning we openned the newspaper to a big picture on the front page of armed men stationed at the train station just minutes away from our home on Long Island in New York. It looks like a war is going on. Texas is an inferno. New Jersey is devastated with flooding. New Orleans still has not come back from Hurricane Katrina. And that's just here in the United States.

What's going on? Well I suggest that we all open our Bibles and start reading and praying. Current events, like Parkinson's Disease, are overwhelming. But ignoring them will not make them go away any more than a wish can heal you.

Remember the story of Noah's Ark? The Bible said the people were going about their business as usual - marrying, buying, and selling - right up to the end when the floods overtook them. The warnings had been sounded, but only Noah took heed.

I believe the warnings are sounding now. Take heed! But remember this: If you are a believer who is born again, you belong to the One Who can keep you safe. Like those armed men at the train station, God has stationed YOU in precisely the place He wants you. You have everything you need for life and godliness according to 2 Peter 1:3. Ephesians 6 tells us who we are at war with. We have been stationed in the Valley of Parkinson's Disease to war with the evil one by living out a life of grace before the world - grace in Parkinson's Disease. Paul actually compares our personal battle fronts with a race set before us. Don't be encumbered with unecessary pockets of unforgivness or bitterness. Don't haul around selfishness or hard-heartedness. Throw these things away. Now is the time to put all of our effort into finishing our race.

Like Esther (Esther 4:14)- in her time long ago - you were born for just such a time as this!


Anonymous said...

God gives that grace you are talking about. You are right about throwing out that junk we carry around. I don't think we know how to accept His grace until we get rid of the junk that pulls us down. Repent and then drop the burden from your back. Christian's burden was relieved him at the cross.
I want that grace. PD can be a monster or it can be an instigator.
Anna, you are a messenger from God.
Thank you!

Anna said...

Tonya, my prayer for you today is that He would fill you with His Spirit in the most amazing way.... That He would instill courage and strengthen you exponentially! And when you open your mouth may praises and prayers come pouring forth, so that everyone around you is not just moved, but "shoved" into His grace.

Anonymous said...

You are a blessing to me, Anna!

May the light of His Grace brighten your day and lift your heart.