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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Radical Calling

More and more, I am convinced that I am called to give my time to prayer.  I'm not talking about praying a list of requests or any other list, but something quite different.  I'm talking about praying God's heart.  I'm talking about spending time with Him just LEARNING His heart.  We don't know how to pray and left on our own we often pray amiss, asking for things that are not His will though we think so.  Praying God's heart is a radical thing.  It requires a radical faith.  It can be a lonely place where self is not rewarded or honored. 

I thank God that I have TIME to pray.  Since I can't work outside of my home, I HAVE the time.  There is no higher calling than to know God's heart and to express it back to Him. 

No one knows what I pray.  No one knows what place I frequent in prayer.  No one knows what darkness recedes or what evil is bound because I pray.  No one knows whose heart is won or who is brought into the light because I pray.  No one knows what secrets are revealed to me or how I am nourished in prayer.  No one knows what protective walls are built nor what battles are won because I pray.  No one.

Miracles happen, and evil is paralyzed because I pray.  God is moved when I pray.

O, Lord, I pray for light in this home - I invite You and welcome You to come in - to reside forever and do as You please.  Strike down the enemy and inflict defeat on all the enemy who dares to plan against those who are Yours within this home.  Make this a safe house for all who belong to You.  Let love and light reign.

And let it be so for those You have called to read this.

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Anonymous said...

Let it be so my dear sweet friend, let it be so.