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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Voice of the Dove

The dove has wakened! Her sweet call begins this morning as she wakes to a new day. I love her voice. God has made her song different from all others. It is He that directs her heart. To some there is no distinction – between her call and that of another, but to God – who knows her – and who gives her voice – she sings a beautiful tribute to His wonder – unique – as only she can give in praise to Him from her spot in the yard. The stunning beauty of this new day is received by her and proclaimed in the wonder of her language to me and the world! Though you can't hear her – she is powerful to move you – to set your heart ablaze with praise to her Maker – because I have told you in my own way how she moves me.

You and I are like the dove. We are moved by Creation and filled with our own praises to Him from our own vantage point in the garden where He has put us. Creation is there for all of us to see. Sing with us – the dove and I – from your own spot in the garden – whether that be in joy or in sorrow. Harmonize with us! Resonate with the Holy Spirit! Sing out to the world and give witness to His greatness and love from wherever you are – a mournful song or a song of joy – both breathtaking to our Maker – both jewels to be laid at His feet. It is proof of our faith in His goodness whether our garden is sickness or health. Sing with us – the dove and I.

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