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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Do You Listen?

Part of praying is listening........  Listening to God.  In order to listen, you must be in a quiet place.  I find that having PD has afforded me much of each day where there is quiet and stillness; even a hush.  Without this unpleasantness in my life, the "noise" of daily life would fill those spaces where the quiet whispers of God now are welcomed. 
Perhaps your disabilites have also made possible the sound ideas, the exhange of love, the hearing of the guiding voice, and receipt of the comfort He gives, inside of you.  If you are not conversing with God - and I don't mean a one-way flow of the expression of your needs, your wants, your thoughts and your opinions - then how is that relationship?
Have you ever known someone who spouted a steady stream of information all about themselves whenever they were with you, not caring to engage in curiosity about you  or even wanting your input?  If you force in a word edgewise, they drown you out, or interupt you. It's just plain rude.  You walk away feeling unwanted, not needed, not treasured,....  not loved.  This kind of person isn't looking for love in a relationship, but only wants to enjoy the spotlight without a care in the world for you or your problems.  Do you think God is hurt any less when we do this to Him?
Use your PD to learn something.  Learn to listen to God who loves you.  Take advantage of the quiet.  It really is all about Him..........

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