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Saturday, August 3, 2013

All of the Parts Make up the Whole

A body with broken parts is not efficient if it works at all.  It is made up of many different parts, all of which have specific function.  Every part is needed.  Where there are malfunctioning or missing parts, you have a body that is broken down.

Those of us with PD know this all too well.  It's true in the physical world as well as the spiritual world. 

We struggle sometimes to walk, or clap, or even talk to name a few.  As we attempt to do with our bodies things that we used to do gracefully and without effort,  we find that movement is slow, painful and labored - sometimes impossible.  If all the parts aren't working - nothing is the same.

Someone just yesterday compared a broken down body to the Body of Christ.  Within the Body of Christ - the Church - we all have a function.  You could say that we have work to do.  But if for some reason, we don't function as we are intended, then the whole body suffers.  In the body when the dopamine producing neurons begin dying off, what is set into motion, is something like a bunch of dominoes toppling one after another, leaving us struggling or unable to perform the task at hand.

How do we as members of the body of Christ keep in good working order?  Read God's Word.  Believe God's Word.  Act on God's Word.  And heap lots of prayer onto everything (pray without ceasing).  When we don't submit ourselves to His authority and walk with Him, not quenching the Spirit, we are rather like one who has spiritual PD. Today, I am depending on you to do God's will within the Body of Christ.  You are depending on me.  May we not sin against each other by not doing our individual parts!  I want to live as God intended, and I'm sure that you do too!  


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