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Friday, August 2, 2013

Faith or Control?

Does the uncertainty of the future bother you?  Do the memories of the past confuse you as they fade away?  Does it stress you out to deal with the changing present?  Do you live in defeat because you are not sure the decisions you are making are the right ones?   If so, you may be having control issues.  At least that's how it usually goes with me.  It's the exact opposite of living by faith in Jesus Christ.  We are to do the best we can at any given time, based on the knowledge that we have at that time.  We will never have perfect knowledge.  But if we do our best to live life the way God  tells us to, then we can trust Him to take care of the rest.
We can't see the future, nor do we completely understand the past.  Our time in the present is bombarded with false information, all manner of emotions, amd an imperfect and faulty body.  How much of reality can be grasped given these circumstances?  I don't know the answer to that, but I do know that there IS a right way - a good way - and it's God's way. 
I am comforted to know that He knows the truth about certain things that happened in the past that now come back to haunt me.  I can depend on Him to take care of me through it all, because He knows the truth about all things, and He will show me the path of life if I will yield to Him and listen to Him. 
Life with PD brings with it many problems, many heartaches, and much that is unknown.  Do your best to do the right and good thing, based on the knowlege you have at the time.  Yield to God in every way you know how, trusting Him to do what is right.  This is how you are to live.  Use PD to practice hearing His voice and obeying.............

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