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Sunday, April 4, 2010


When you have Parkinson's Disease, some parts of the body are not communicating properly with other parts. As a result, the body jerks and trembles, gets stiff and can't move at all, and many other unpleasant things.
The same thing can happen within the body of Christ. If some of the members are "broken" and can no longer communicate with other parts of the body, pain and dysfunction rule. The body cannot accomplish anything when its members are all speaking different languages.
We must be able to communicate clearly with other members, being good stewards of our abilities.
Ask yourself: Do I listen to other members.........I mean REALLY listen? Do I always speak truth? Do I speak in a way that makes it easy for other members to get my message? What I mean is, am I polite? What does my tone of voice communicate? Is it pleasant or is it abrasive or too loud? Do I interrupt? Do I start talking and keep on talking not allowing anyone else to interject? Do I make the same point more than once?
Some members of the body are better at communicating than others. Do YOUR part today in leaving an honest impression of God on others. Prayerfully consider ways to yield to others, be soft spoken and not loud or repetitive.
Consider what you are saying about God and to others by your gestures, facial expressions, tone, and by your consideration for others.

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Lois Maberry said...

Anna, this was so on the mark. Keep dealing with your disease in this positive way. God bless and prayers continue to come your way!