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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Noah Webster defines "heal" like this: to restore to soundness; to purify from corruptions; to restore purity to; to remove feculence or foreign matter; to cure moral disease and restore soundness.
Yesterday I prayed for a woman who I heard was healed just hours after I prayed........... It would seem to make sense to ask, "When does healing come?"
We suffer when our physical bodies have disease. Our suffering leads us to seek relief and healing. Can a person's soul or spirit be diseased? I believe so.
I wonder sometimes if physical health could be a picture in worldly terms of our spiritual health. I know that without healing our spirits will be dead, just as without healing, the body will be overtaken by disease and death.
Much is written and said about the times we live in. This is a time of uncertainty. There is a sense of caution and instability in this country that invades all areas of the life we have known. Our jobs are insecure, our marriages are falling apart, the food we eat and the water we drink poisons us. Everything we buy is designed to wear out. Nobody really knows what the government is doing, nor do we understand how the man that is heading it got elected. We don't even know where he came from.
There is a tension that is ever present, co-existing with our very lives. All the while, this is going on, technology races ahead making us more knowledgeable than at any other time in history. It's true that we have more facts and figures at our fingertips than we could ever sift through in a lifetime. In contrast, we know less and less about each other and how to live together in relationships.
In simpler times we knew who made us and the rules of living a good life. We knew what "good" was, and we were sure what wrong and evil looked like.
There are as many answers to the important questions about life as there are people.
We wonder - is there even such a thing as truth - absolute truth? Does anyone really care?
Those of us who remember better days see and know just how great the gap is between then and now.
I feel I'm an unwilling witness to this tidal wave of change, being pulled away and receeding from the land that is familiar, out into the endless unknown.
In ALL of this, however, there is one Voice - one Presence that is steady and true. He is like the immovable lighthouse that beams forth the powerful ray of light in the midst of the storm-tossed sea. He guides the lost to safe harbor and home. Just like the lighthouse, He doesn't move or change. His voice is truth. His position is truth. All who come to Him arrive at truth. He IS truth.
Who is this one I speak of? He created everything there is. He knows how to save us all from the coming storm. Plainly put you may have heard His name.................. It's Jesus - the Son of God......................... He is known as THE truth.
Stop now! Hear me!
Here is the Truth: God sent His Son into the world as a man. He lived a perfect life, never sinning once. The world didn't recognize Him. They crucified Him. He let them do it - because it was here - at the cross - that His death paid the price my sin demanded - a price I couldn't pay.
All anyone has to do to receive God's forgiveness is to call out your need to Him and admit that you are a sinner. Accept that you cannot be forgiven any other way but this. Then you must commit the rest of your life to Him.
If you do this - you will find that regardless of the storm that threatens, you will make it home - you will be safe. You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

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