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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freedom from Gravity

I am lethargic today. I've been a little unsteady on my feet. I've just finished eating dinner (treated to a night out by my mother-in-law) and even though I didn't eat that much, I feel miserably full. I just feel like gravity has a death grip on me.
I'm no theologian, but I'm thinking that this is what the dead weight of that old man (the one who existed under the law of sin and death) must feel like to the new creature in Christ that I am. It's heavy and makes us unsteady on our feet, but we don't notice it because we can't remember a time when it wasn't there. Perhaps that's what Paul meant when he said to throw aside everything that encumbers (everything that would slow us down or keep us from running the race set before us).
Look to the future when we will be given new bodies and be in heaven with Jesus! Meanwhile, our spiritual service of worship is to give our bodies as a spiritual sacrifice to God our Creator.
Last night someone posed the question to me, "What if after believing in heaven and God our whole lives, we find out none of it is true?" With calm assurance I replied, "It IS true. By the word of my testimony, I am telling you what I know to be true. I know because of the memories I have of His voice, and the many times He has miraculously answered my prayers or acted on my behalf. I have to accept that fact by faith............. Not blind faith, but faith based on solid facts. God has proven Himself to me, and now I testify of His existence and love to you.
It is also by faith that I know I have been born again into new life in Christ Jesus and reconciled to God through Him. The "old man" no longer lives, but Christ in me.
If you don't believe me, then look around at what has been made. See the wonder of design - proof of the Designer.
One day I will not feel disease dragging my body down. And one day I will not feel the pull of my sinful nature. Lord, praise You, and give me patience in the wait.

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