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Friday, April 9, 2010

What it Takes to Grow

It's cold and drizzling today. There is no sign of the sun except for what has seeped through the clouds. It's that time of year when the rain comes often, and everything begins budding. I think disease must be something like that. It feels bad......It looks gloomy......but it's necessary in order for growth to happen.
If plants don't get the minimum number of days of freezing, wet darkness, they won't bloom. If plants don't get pruned growth will be weak and the plant will be spindly. Do you suppose that it works the same way with us? Do you think that God in His wisdom ALLOWS suffering in order to give us life and even abundant life? I find this to be true.
Thank you, dear Father for keeping me in the wet, freezing darkness only as long as it takes for me to bloom. Thank you. I trust in Your perfect love for me.........Love that will not leave me barren or unfruitful, but with life bursting with passion - love and beauty.

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