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Monday, May 17, 2010

Does Anybody See Me?

Any disease can isolate you. Maybe that's the worst part of having something wrong with you....
We all need companionship. We need to know somebody is listening. We need to matter. Living with purpose sums it up in a phrase.
There have been times that, due to this disease, I have felt the worst kind of loneliness which led to me feeling that my life did not make a difference to anyone. I felt that I was nothing but a problem - a person who had to be taken care of - someone that required patience to be around........ someone who contributed not one ounce of joy to anyone else.
It's hard to want to live when you feel that way.
If you know someone who is suffering an imposed isolation in any way, reach out to them! Just take a couple of minutes out of your day to "see" them. Don't worry that you might not make a big difference, or have answers for them. Forget about appearing as though you have it all together. Just be you. Share yourself. The blessing will go both ways.
I want to say thank you to those who have commented on this blog. Thanks for "seeing" me. I would comment back to you directly if I could figure out how to! So, I'm writing this today, to let you know - I know you are there - and somehow, that's makes a difference. Keep on commenting!

1 comment:

Rick VanGameren said...

It makes me think of the movie "Avatar"
I "see" you.
Keep going. Keep hoping. Keep trusting.
God bless you,