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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Parkinson's disease has taught me more than ever to pray. Not only did I have more requests but they became more and more urgent. I needed to hear from God. And I began to learn how to worship in the midst of sorrow, pain and loss of hope.


Prayer is really a mystery. Why do things change when we pray? We've all heard it said that God's power to heal or bless is released in a person's life when they are prayed for. But it occurs to me that it is much more than just that. I don't think God witholds blessings or other good things from someone because you or I have not prayed for them. It is His will to redeem, save and bless all people.
Perhaps we are not thinking big enough or outside of the box concerning prayer. Could it be that when I pray, I am changed and my heart is changed – my desires become what God desires – my focus becomes what He is focusing on? When I am changed within my heart and mind, my actions will inevitably change and line up with what I'm thinking and feeling (which are God's thoughts and feelings). When I change at this foundational level, I begin to “touch” the world differently. God's love can truly be expressed through me because I am now allowing that change. I become a willing conduit of God's love. Rivers of living water truly begin flowing from my innermost being!
Now that I am touching the world in such a different way – the world is effected differently. God begins moving in a powerful way through you and through me, and miracles happen – hearts melt – the blind see – the dear hear – the lost are found.................... All because I am no longer impeding the movement of the Holy Spirit, but I have yielded my mind and body to Him so that He can walk among man and talk to man and pour out His blessings.
We must learn to linger in His presence in prayer long enough that we are changed!

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