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Sunday, May 16, 2010


At 6:12 this morning, while having a quiet time and sitting at the table, what sounded like a gun shot, ripped through the quiet of early morning and then faded, like an echo, back into the stillness. Darla, our dog, had jumped, moving quickly, being startled from the sudden explosion. In the time it took to write this, the birds have mostly stopped singing and are silent. It is now 6:21. Minutes pass and it's 6:27 and still quiet. Far away I hear faintly the churiping of birds, but none close by.
At 6:31, I take my pills.
It's afternoon now and I still can only guess at what I heard this morning. I'll probably never know what it was. In the same way I have many unanswered questions concerning Parkinson's Disease and why I have it. I doubt that it's any more likely that I'll find answers to these perplexing questions.
So.......... I can let it drive me crazy - or pray and ask God for answers, or - if that doesn't enlighten me - I can turn them over to Him and trust that He will help me understand what is necessary, and trust Him to take care of me.
For me it boils down to TRUST in God. Is He really my good Shepherd? Does He truly care?
I can already answer that question. Yes, I relax as I realize I don't have to know everything.

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Helen Read said...

Thanks, Anna - Trust is the bottom line for us in SO many situations. You've said it so well! Learning to live with joy when we can't see much at all! The essence of walking by faith and not by sight.