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Monday, February 6, 2012

From What Spirit do You Speak?

Do you ever consider the source of what comes out of your mouth? Yes, it's hard being ill and continually dealing with life or death issues, but does that mean that I have a right to complain or gossip or to feel like the world owes me something in light of the "bad hand" I have been dealt?

I have been convicted lately by the Holy Spirit to make sure I speak from the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and not from Satan. Or even to be careful what I listen to. From what spirit do those around me speak?

Jesus was quick to shut Satan down when he spoke through the mouth of Peter. He said, "Get thee behind Me, Satan"! Learn to quickly assess whether the spirit that your friend speaks from is from Christ or Satan. Even people who are motivated by good can be used by Satan to build a stronghold and in so doing quench the Holy Spirit. Even I can spontaneously speak from the wrong spirit, so I must be diligent in resisting Satan.

How do I do that? By filling my mind with God's Word - the Bible and through prayer to Him. It becomes easier to detect a deceitful spirit, when you are constantly looking into God's Spirit.

My prayer is that God would increase my love for Him in my heart, to the point that I will not coddle a thought or a notion that is not in agreement with His great love. I must have no sympathy whatsoever for what is not Truth, for it leads to death every time. May it never be that my words be building blocks for Satan's stronghold.

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