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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Warning

This is a warning.  Don't leave yourself open to the enemy.  He is looking for places that will be a foothold for him so he can scale the wall that separates he and you. Don't think that you are without sin.  If that's what you think you are calling God a liar. Don't be lulled by comfort or quiet.........  If we could see into the spirit world right now, I believe we would be dismayed at the huge increase of activity there.  The enemy is working very hard to deceive the world and everyone in it.  And, believe me, there are many who have fallen, or are at risk of losing all.

Believers are called to finish the race; to throw away everything that encumbers, to not hold dear anything of this world; to not fear man or devil; to overcome;  to be strong in His strength; to judge ourselves and confess our sins, though we have already done so (we must never consider ourselves above sin - as pride has shown us it is no respecter of persons).

We must know how to judge a person's words and actions (but never their heart) so that we are not unaware of the enemy around us.  We are to love radically, forgiving all, but not forsaking all we have learned.  Forgive, but don't throw away caution.  And know that forgiveness is not the same as trust.  Only God can be fully trusted.  Man will disappoint, fall short and fail.  It is God who provides what we need and protects us.

The enemy is very sly, and will attack in ways that you do not even know.  You will think that you imagined your fear and that it was a groundless warning  more due to chance than to God's wisdom imparted to you.  He specializes in attacking you while dressed as an angel of light.  He is a wolf among sheep.  Make no mistake.  He comes to kill, maim and destroy.  There is no middle ground.  Pay attention when the red flags wave in your spirit.

The enemy is the voice that says, "God is great - but I am greater;  God is powerful, but I am more so; God makes things better, but I know best; God can feed you, but with me you will feast..........  The grass that always looks greener is not real.  It is a mirage.  And after you have succumbed to the lie, he will shame you and condemn you.  He will not offer redemption or forgiveness like our God does...........

It is not too late, to agree with God.  He is a merciful God.  He does not merely dispense mercy, but He IS mercy.  If we will humble ourselves, confess our sins and admit our need for a saviour who is Jesus Christ - God's own Son - He will hear from His holy habitation and will come and save.

Do not be deceived.  God is not mocked.  We will all reap what we have sown whether that be condemnation and punishment or mercy and the removal of our sins.  Bow down before Him and repent.  God is coming soon and He has warned and warned and warned.  It should come as no surprise, but to many it will.  Today hear His voice as He calls your name.  While it is still today, receive Him.  To all those who are weary and heavey laden, come to the Son whose burden is light.
Shalom (may we destroy the power that fuels chaos).  

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