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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Help Us, Lord

The fact that we have awakened to a new day, means that there is hope to be grasped in this day. I pray that we would  all be helped to grab onto it through Jesus the Lord.  Through Him all things were made and FOR Him all things were made.  IN Him all things hold together.  There is no hope or truth outside of Him.

O, Heavenly Father, we present ourselves to You, this morning, for service in Your kingdom.  Lord, we do confess our unworthiness before You to receive anything good.  We do not deserve Your help.  In fact we have sinned against You - our God - and our brothers and sisters in Christ - as well as the world of people who are lost.  We are no better than they, and do not deserve Your mercy or forgiveness.  But in Your kindness, You have made a place for each of us, that is in Your Presence.  In that place, You have provided opportunity to examine ourselves, and allow You to take away from us the sins that we embrace, as well as those we do not even know we have committed.  Keep us today, Lord, in the place of the 23rd Psalm.
Take our hearts and cleanse them and give us clean hands this day.

We pray for our country today, and the men and women who are governing it. Most specifically we lift up to You our president.   Please put Your desires into their hearts and guide them in Your ways.  Just as Abraham asked God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if there were only 10 righteous people in those cities, we also ask that for the sake of Your people that you spare this country and us with our families.

We also pray for leadership in our cities and towns.  Show them the way of salvation today, and give them wisdom to lead us into Truth.

I pray that You will protect families and communities here.  Save the loved ones in our families who are lost.  Preserve us, Lord and protect us.  We will perish in our sinful ways if You do not help us.  Give us Your desires and increase our love for You.  Forgive our selfishness.  Inhabit these temples - these bodies of ours after we are cleansed and consecrated.

In the Name of Jesus Amen

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