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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Death to the Seed!

Have you ever planted a seed? Have you ever really looked at this tiny little thing? If you put it in some soil, it will sprout and 2 tiny little "leaves" grow atop the longer stem. The seed also sends down a root. There are scientific names for all of this but I have forgotten what they are. If all goes well, the sprout in time becomes a full grown plant, which will flower. It yields a crop of hopefully many fruits. I have to say, that from the seed's point of view, this isn't great. It must lay down it's life to exist in darkness (soil) and just wait for something to happen. It must have enough food (hope) stored inside the seed to sustain the beginning of the little life that has begun to grow. As it grows it reaches for the sun and as it absorbs the sunlight, a chemical process called photosynthesis starts. Without this there can be no growth or development. Have you ever thought of your life as a seed? You who have PD (or any other giant of a problem) may be feeling the darkness of your condition. You have felt a death to your pre-pd life. You may just be existing on the last flickers of hope for better days. But don't despair! Reach for the sun (Son), knowing that He can transform the old "you" into someone new. Without the breaking of the seed (breaking of the old you), there will be no going forth from death to birth (this means death of the old you). Without the darkness and waiting there will be no development - no transformation. And without the light that is God, there can be no bearing fruit. It's not always easy, is it? But take comfort in this: Life is not a series of random events. There is a Gardner. He has plans for the garden. And He tends each plant. His plan for you is LIFE! John 12:25 CJB: "He who loves his life loses it, but he who hates his life in this world will keep it safe right on into eternal life!"

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