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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Put Gas in My Tank

The day has ended - it's done, and I must say my head is spinning.  The daylight hours were filled with prayer, Bible study, friends, family, chores,  and more.  The "more" part was quite a lot.  If I didn't love those people in my life that are in the "more" category so much it would have been an easier day - certainly a happier day. 

Today, I scaled some mountains, went through the fire and let my heart break for some of my loved ones.  Somehow I remained steady.  How?  Well I kept refueling with every prayer, with every grateful thought, with every kindness; and I knew where to go with the parts that were bigger than me.  Even so, my head is still spinning.  If you are so inclined, I sure could use a little prayer....  Or maybe a big prayer.  Either one is welcomed.  But when you pray for me, keep in mind that He can do ANYTHING for ANYBODY no matter what place we or our loved ones are in, and no matter how they got there.  God can untangle ANY mess.  If this weren't true, there would be no hope for my crazy problems.

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