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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wounded Warrier

This morning I am feeling burdened for those of you who are battle weary and wounded.  I FEEL your pain.  I am moved to pray for you.  If you are reading this - know that these words are for YOU.  Here is my prayer for you:

Lord, bring this sister's (or brother's) pain to a close.  Let hope become evident where there is no hope.  Make the pain of the past give way to joy.  Make sense of this apparent triumph of evil, sickness and death.

Where is Your victory?  Where is justice?  Where are you in all of this?  We wait on You to make sense of all this, and we wait on You to guide us through this deep, thick darkness.  Come to the rescue, Lord....  We are nothing on our own.

Give back what the locusts have devoured.  The enemy is merciless in his attack.  Help us - help Your servant and friend....  In the midst of attack lift up her (his) head, establish her (his) faith, and fill her (him) with hope.  Our lives hinge on your strong arm.  Though it feels like you may come near to slaying us - let our love for You abound.

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