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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Memory Triggers

There are certain "things" we all have that serve as signals or warnings that something unpleasant is coming. It could be a tone of voice we hear in a conversation, or a look someone gives us. It could even be something like a sound or a scent that triggers a memory of something dreadful. This small thing can trigger our descent into fear, dread, pain or something equally as uncomfortable. It can steal your hope and be the first hint of depression. We will automatically go there if we have not prepared an alternate path.
This morning, as I was getting ready for the day ahead, I heard a sound that immediately (and without thinking) took me back in my memory to something unpleasant. Before I could stop it, I also remembered the difficulties and challenges to my faith that experience brought me. Before I could blink my eye, I had gone from cheerfulness to the invitation to despair. And I hadn't even left my bedroom yet!
It occured to me that instead of allowing myself to go down that path, I could turn the tables and let that same memory trigger be a call to worship. From now on, I will let that sound be a reminder to me that God is HUGE. He is LOVE. And He is LIGHT. He is the God Who rescues His people from giants (MEAN giants) and impossible situations. He is the God Who has parted the Red Sea for me when my back was up against the wall and I found myself in an impossibly bad situation. And He is the God Who brought those same waters down upon the head of my enemy and DELIVERED me!
Yes, from now on, every time I hear that sound, I will be encouraged and uplifted. It will be cause for joy.

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