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Monday, April 28, 2014


I believe when we are so full of God's broken heart - when we are brimming full of gratitude to Him - when our need is desperate enough - when we have the tiniest sense of His infinite grace - then we pray.  It is what wells up in our hearts and overflows like the shepherd's cup.  It overshadows every other thing and it must be released to rush back to its source - El Elyon (the most high God) the great I AM.

Prayer never ceases where God is worshipped.

Prayer is like the waters that rush from the mountains to the sea.......carving new paths, changing shorelines, slowing to pool here and there - sustaining life or speeding up to dash the enemy to pieces......always moving back to the heart from which it was broken.

Be still before Him!  Know His heart!  Embrace all that He is.  Trust Him in high waters and low.  Pray His heart.

Like the spray from the waterfall that joyously flings itself over the edge - so should our prayers be - finding their way back His heart.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

He is Risen!

He is RISEN!!!!  All praise and glory to the King Who defeated death!  He is our hope.  I am IN Him and He in me - safe and secure - never alone - always sufficient and more.........  I love my King and my Lord.  Because He has risen, I am risen....above all sin, above death, above disease and every power that would raise itself up in pride before Him.  He is the answer to every question.  Every bondage, every addiction, every wrong way established will have to stand before Him.  And when they do, they will be no more...........!
People with Parkinson's Disease need to hear good news.  And what better news could there be than the truth that Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead?