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Saturday, January 30, 2010


I often fret over what will happen tomorrow. What will the headlines be? What will the state of my health be? What will my family be facing and where will we be? Do I need to have an emergency plan or a route of escape, and if so, for what type of emergency and where would I go?
For the first time ever in my life I think these are legitimate questions. The world of yesterday is forever gone. There was a time when I didn't worry about "the worst" happening. But we watched as Haiti tried to dig out from a devastating earthquake and piece body and soul back together. We saw when Katrina raged through New Orleans like a crazed bull - leaving countless people without home or health. We wept as two commercial airliners slammed into the towers - and again as they fell.
Every day there are "smaller" tragedies leaving scars in our lives like notches on a belt.
But I STOP! I remember that God says not to worry about tomorrow. Each day has enough to worry about.
I am His and He is mine. Whatever tomorrow will bring, He will be there. He will not leave me to face tomorrow alone, He will take care of His children. He sees all, knows all, has all love, and is all powerful. He will make the sun rise, and His children will rejoice in every new day.
It's true - this world is diseased. Things have gone awry. It's not what it was intended to be any more than a body broken with Parkinson's Disease. But I have learned patience and I will see God who brings beauty from the ashes - heal and restore when the time is full.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Being a Christian With Parkinson's Disease

I have Parkinson's Disease. I'm a 55 year old female and was diagnosed in my early 30s. I've had my fair share of troubles and this development was definitely troubling. As a Christian, I prayed for healing and help often. God DID help me, though often it was a slow process.

One question I dealt with was, "Did God give me this disease, and if so, why?" To answer this question, i have to go way back to the beginning of time. When God created everything - it was all good. Things didn't get bad until the fall of man through disobedience to God. That was when pain and suffering became the norm. Disease became possible, but God was not the author of it. He did however respond to the mess man had made of everything by taking disastrous circumstances, and somehow bringing goodness into existence through them.

Disease and dysfunction were not His design. I believe they became tools of the devil to inflict misery on man - the object of God's love.

So, the answer to the question is : No! God did not give me this disease. Can He brting beauty from the ashes of P. D.? Yes, He can.

Disease is like a fire - burning everything it touches - unraveling design - leaving cinders that turn to ashes. Man made this possible. Man has the power to destroy - to disassemble, but not to stir the ashes and call forth beauty. The devil means it for our destruction and harm, but God works the same for our good.