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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2 Choices

All of us have 2 choices when we need the strength or wherewithall to do something.  We can choose to draw on our physical strength that is in our body or ask God to empower us with His power to get the job done. 
Well, those of us who have PD know just how frustrating it is to not have the physical strength to do what we want to do.  We know what we want to do, but strength is lacking.  A simple task, like writing a letter, or going to the bathroom may be altogether overwhelming because we cannot manage without help.  So we learn to accept the help of others and we are grateful.
I think learning how to do that is a huge thing.  It is what a life of faith in God calls for:  In a Believer's life, he knows what he needs to do and how he needs to live, but is totally unable to do this in his own strength.  The Believer learns to plug into God, and carry out His will through His power.  We do the things He wants, in the way that He wants it, when He wants it.
Doesn't that sound familiar?  With PD one learns to circumvent our own power, which was limited to begin with, and engage God's power which is the very same power that raised Jesus from the dead!  In our inability to get things done, we learn to wait on God and listen to Him.  We learn that our own way is not always best.  We learn how to handle the answer to our prayers when it is NO.  So, you see, those of us with PD have a head start when it comes to living for God.  Once again, I say that PD is a very good teacher, though it 's unappreciated in the present. 
Take advantage of the valuable lessons you have learned in your disability.  Don 't let this experience go to waste.  "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."   James 4:8

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Are You Weak Today?

Sometimes, those of us with PD are so uncomfortable and weak and anxious that we just retreat into silence.  If this is the case with you, did you know that you are still important?  Did you know that God's purposes are still being  worked out in you and around you?  Your life is impacting those who are around you.  In your silence, worship Him.  In your pain, honor Him.  With your thoughts reach out to Him.  In your anxiety, by faith receive peace.  Maybe you can't even sit up to read this at your computer.  I know what that's like.  And if that is the case today, I pray that someone will read this message to you.  In your predicament, worship Him in your spirit, though your soul and your body be in distress. 
Do you know who Corrie Ten Boom was?  She was a renowned speaker who traveled the world over to give her testimony.  She was a survivor of a German concentration camp.  At the end of her life, she had a stroke and was paralyzed - not able to talk or communicate in any way.  A friend who was also a nurse took care of her from then on until her death.  Corrie, was not thrown to the side by God when she no longer could testify with words or deeds.  Her silence and suffering somehow brought blessings to people who would come to see her.  She was an inspiration to those who took care of her.  Her nurse knew her so well,  that at times she would even speak for Corrie.
God brought about things through Corrie's life that never could have been - in any other way.  I pray God's strength for you today, but if it doesn't come to invigorate your body or calm your  soul, then ask Him to use you to His glory and worship him in your total weakness and inability - and do this in your spirit.  You matter.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Last week, I was visiting a friend when suddenly and without warning a snake was discovered in the garage.  And it was a big snake.  And it had a triangular head, which if you know anything about snakes, identifies it as poisonous.  Turns out it was a water mocassin or what is commonly called a Cottonmouth.  You don't want to mess with these!
I got to thinking about the sudden and unexpected arrival of danger.  Isn't that what it's like with our spiritual enemy, Satan?  We must be on guard against evil lest we be caught unawares.  We need to be wearing our spiritual armor all the time.  If we wait til danger is upon us, we won't have time to put it on.
Like a snake, the devil quietly approaches, hidden from most eyes until he is upon us.  We may be completely unaware of the peril we are in.  Then suddenly our eyes are openned and we know we are in trouble. 
What happened next, at my friend's house was this:  She got help.  She called on her neighbors and together they killed it. 
As members of the Body of Christ we are to be here for each other, ready to bear the burdens of our brothers and sisters.  We should give and receive comfort, encouragement, instruction, love, help, and the truth in love to name a few.
As a person with PD, you may think you have nothing to offer anyone else, but that would be the kind of lie the Snake would want you to believe.  You can offer all the things I just listed and more.  We don't always understand why God allows certain things to happen and probably never will (this side of heaven), but you don't have to.  There are needs around you today that can be met by you, no matter how physically disabled you are.  You are important.  You have things to offer that no one else can offer in quite the same way.  Ask your heavenly Father to help you concentrate on the people around you, and not yourself.  And as you help others around you, your heavenly Father will be of help to YOU!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Look Full in His Wonderful Face....

I've been dealing with some things.  Sometimes it gets me down and sometimes it doesn't.  Either way it occupies my mind.  And I'm aware that I can choose to 1) deal with troubles in the same way I always have (which often leaves me confused, anxious and fearful)).  This is the way where nothing really changes or is resolved.  This is the way where I leave this bundle of problems wherever they fall instead of 2) turning my face away from the sight of these unhappy things and turning full into the face of Jesus.   It's hard to change the way I've always done things even though it has always left me feeling terrible or undone. 
We can all arrive at this fruitless place of indecision and fatigue.  But when the burden you shoulder, begins to drag you under, stop!  Do what you have perhaps never done before....  Look to Jesus.  Remember the truth about all things that He has shown you.  Don't try to think your way out of trouble, but use your mind to review what is truth.   Don't try and figure out how Jesus will get you out of this mess, but leave that to Him.  Just direct your attention and your hurting heart towards Him.
Here's an example:  Yesterday I was losing the battle against a bunch of problems.  I was feeling worse and worse.  But here's where I got smart:  I asked myself what I was really afraid of.  The answer came back abandonment.  So what truth would be applicable and would answer that fear? 
Matthew 28:20 - "Lo, I am with you always; even unto the end of the age."  I didn't need to know what that truth would look like in my life, or how it would play out.  I just believed it.  And you know, I experienced a flood of relief.  This is faith.
Those of us with PD have a number of problems, and it can easily make us feel hopeless.  But you have to decide what you're going to do and how you'll handle it when problems present.  I encourage you to try what I did. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Do You Listen?

Part of praying is listening........  Listening to God.  In order to listen, you must be in a quiet place.  I find that having PD has afforded me much of each day where there is quiet and stillness; even a hush.  Without this unpleasantness in my life, the "noise" of daily life would fill those spaces where the quiet whispers of God now are welcomed. 
Perhaps your disabilites have also made possible the sound ideas, the exhange of love, the hearing of the guiding voice, and receipt of the comfort He gives, inside of you.  If you are not conversing with God - and I don't mean a one-way flow of the expression of your needs, your wants, your thoughts and your opinions - then how is that relationship?
Have you ever known someone who spouted a steady stream of information all about themselves whenever they were with you, not caring to engage in curiosity about you  or even wanting your input?  If you force in a word edgewise, they drown you out, or interupt you. It's just plain rude.  You walk away feeling unwanted, not needed, not treasured,....  not loved.  This kind of person isn't looking for love in a relationship, but only wants to enjoy the spotlight without a care in the world for you or your problems.  Do you think God is hurt any less when we do this to Him?
Use your PD to learn something.  Learn to listen to God who loves you.  Take advantage of the quiet.  It really is all about Him..........