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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Look Full in His Wonderful Face....

I've been dealing with some things.  Sometimes it gets me down and sometimes it doesn't.  Either way it occupies my mind.  And I'm aware that I can choose to 1) deal with troubles in the same way I always have (which often leaves me confused, anxious and fearful)).  This is the way where nothing really changes or is resolved.  This is the way where I leave this bundle of problems wherever they fall instead of 2) turning my face away from the sight of these unhappy things and turning full into the face of Jesus.   It's hard to change the way I've always done things even though it has always left me feeling terrible or undone. 
We can all arrive at this fruitless place of indecision and fatigue.  But when the burden you shoulder, begins to drag you under, stop!  Do what you have perhaps never done before....  Look to Jesus.  Remember the truth about all things that He has shown you.  Don't try to think your way out of trouble, but use your mind to review what is truth.   Don't try and figure out how Jesus will get you out of this mess, but leave that to Him.  Just direct your attention and your hurting heart towards Him.
Here's an example:  Yesterday I was losing the battle against a bunch of problems.  I was feeling worse and worse.  But here's where I got smart:  I asked myself what I was really afraid of.  The answer came back abandonment.  So what truth would be applicable and would answer that fear? 
Matthew 28:20 - "Lo, I am with you always; even unto the end of the age."  I didn't need to know what that truth would look like in my life, or how it would play out.  I just believed it.  And you know, I experienced a flood of relief.  This is faith.
Those of us with PD have a number of problems, and it can easily make us feel hopeless.  But you have to decide what you're going to do and how you'll handle it when problems present.  I encourage you to try what I did. 

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