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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Help Us, Lord

The fact that we have awakened to a new day, means that there is hope to be grasped in this day. I pray that we would  all be helped to grab onto it through Jesus the Lord.  Through Him all things were made and FOR Him all things were made.  IN Him all things hold together.  There is no hope or truth outside of Him.

O, Heavenly Father, we present ourselves to You, this morning, for service in Your kingdom.  Lord, we do confess our unworthiness before You to receive anything good.  We do not deserve Your help.  In fact we have sinned against You - our God - and our brothers and sisters in Christ - as well as the world of people who are lost.  We are no better than they, and do not deserve Your mercy or forgiveness.  But in Your kindness, You have made a place for each of us, that is in Your Presence.  In that place, You have provided opportunity to examine ourselves, and allow You to take away from us the sins that we embrace, as well as those we do not even know we have committed.  Keep us today, Lord, in the place of the 23rd Psalm.
Take our hearts and cleanse them and give us clean hands this day.

We pray for our country today, and the men and women who are governing it. Most specifically we lift up to You our president.   Please put Your desires into their hearts and guide them in Your ways.  Just as Abraham asked God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if there were only 10 righteous people in those cities, we also ask that for the sake of Your people that you spare this country and us with our families.

We also pray for leadership in our cities and towns.  Show them the way of salvation today, and give them wisdom to lead us into Truth.

I pray that You will protect families and communities here.  Save the loved ones in our families who are lost.  Preserve us, Lord and protect us.  We will perish in our sinful ways if You do not help us.  Give us Your desires and increase our love for You.  Forgive our selfishness.  Inhabit these temples - these bodies of ours after we are cleansed and consecrated.

In the Name of Jesus Amen

Friday, February 13, 2015

A Warning

This is a warning.  Don't leave yourself open to the enemy.  He is looking for places that will be a foothold for him so he can scale the wall that separates he and you. Don't think that you are without sin.  If that's what you think you are calling God a liar. Don't be lulled by comfort or quiet.........  If we could see into the spirit world right now, I believe we would be dismayed at the huge increase of activity there.  The enemy is working very hard to deceive the world and everyone in it.  And, believe me, there are many who have fallen, or are at risk of losing all.

Believers are called to finish the race; to throw away everything that encumbers, to not hold dear anything of this world; to not fear man or devil; to overcome;  to be strong in His strength; to judge ourselves and confess our sins, though we have already done so (we must never consider ourselves above sin - as pride has shown us it is no respecter of persons).

We must know how to judge a person's words and actions (but never their heart) so that we are not unaware of the enemy around us.  We are to love radically, forgiving all, but not forsaking all we have learned.  Forgive, but don't throw away caution.  And know that forgiveness is not the same as trust.  Only God can be fully trusted.  Man will disappoint, fall short and fail.  It is God who provides what we need and protects us.

The enemy is very sly, and will attack in ways that you do not even know.  You will think that you imagined your fear and that it was a groundless warning  more due to chance than to God's wisdom imparted to you.  He specializes in attacking you while dressed as an angel of light.  He is a wolf among sheep.  Make no mistake.  He comes to kill, maim and destroy.  There is no middle ground.  Pay attention when the red flags wave in your spirit.

The enemy is the voice that says, "God is great - but I am greater;  God is powerful, but I am more so; God makes things better, but I know best; God can feed you, but with me you will feast..........  The grass that always looks greener is not real.  It is a mirage.  And after you have succumbed to the lie, he will shame you and condemn you.  He will not offer redemption or forgiveness like our God does...........

It is not too late, to agree with God.  He is a merciful God.  He does not merely dispense mercy, but He IS mercy.  If we will humble ourselves, confess our sins and admit our need for a saviour who is Jesus Christ - God's own Son - He will hear from His holy habitation and will come and save.

Do not be deceived.  God is not mocked.  We will all reap what we have sown whether that be condemnation and punishment or mercy and the removal of our sins.  Bow down before Him and repent.  God is coming soon and He has warned and warned and warned.  It should come as no surprise, but to many it will.  Today hear His voice as He calls your name.  While it is still today, receive Him.  To all those who are weary and heavey laden, come to the Son whose burden is light.
Shalom (may we destroy the power that fuels chaos).  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Be Smart

Is there a weariness setting in on you these days?  Does there seem to be more to tend to than you are capable of, and do you ever get to the end of your list?  I think this is a sign of the times we live in.  I believe that we are in the terminal generation.  You may not agree with me, and you may dismiss that idea altogether.  But one thing is for sure.  The world is changing so fast it makes my head spin.  People are redefining good and evil, and they have thrown out the old morality and brought in one to their liking.  Power in the world is shifting.  Relationship is easily replaced with the fascinating electronic play things, and we don't socialize like we once did.  And I think you would agree that there is a certain power that resides in the world and in the heart of man that is evil.  

I want to encourage you to count the minutes you have in each day, and don't waste any of them.  We are running out of time.  Every day brings us closer to the unknown.  All our efforts have only served to complicate things, and leave us bound to what can only be a place of unimagined dangers.  It has become a world where only "useful" people are valued.  The disabled are discarded.  

Here is the good news:  Each one of us has been chosen to live at this time.  We have all been gifted if we are His children.  We have even been given protective gear.  We are called to battle evil.  Whatever time we have left, there is still time to spend it learning to stay alive in this darkness that can be more felt than seen.  

We must learn to discern at a moment's notice what is most important and what is just important.  I believe one of Satan's tactics here at the end, is to get our attention on the wrong things and miss the opportunities that God has given us.  If Satan can keep us from praying about things of God's choosing, and asking for all the wrong things, then he has defeated us.

And don't think that defeat is not a possibility. We must not coddle any sin and we must know how to listen to Him.  Pray! Ask Him to take you where He would have you go, and encounter those people of His choosing, and put the right words on your tongue.  These are the little things that make us victorious and powerful.  Leave no small thing undone, for it is in the small things that you are proved faithful.  

I wish I could write you a book!  There is so much to say..........  But perhaps this will encourage you and help you in your walk.  I hope so.  We must encourage one another! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Boy in Sam's

I am posting this little story I wrote for two reasons.  The first one being that because I have PD, I do not work outside of the home therefore I have more time than some to engage my gifts (writing).  The 2nd is that I love to laugh, and I believe laughter is healing.  T hat being said, here is my story:

It was refreshing to see that some people still do take boundaries seriously.  We were at Sam's with our grocery basket full of items we had chosen, and waiting in line to be checked out and to pay.  Well, someone else was going to have to pay too.  Not for our groceries....  In fact not for anyone's groceries.

There was a small boy in line next to us with his parents.  He was pleading with his very large and tall mom.  I heard her say without wavering, "I'm done.  I am totally done."  The calm in her demeanor and voice was unnerving.  Like the deadly calm of a glass sea with not a puff of wind in the blue sky above, her even and judicial voice left the impression that the jury had come in and it was decreed that his crime would be punished.  "You're getting a spanking when we get home."  She was firm but not loud or abusive in any way at all.  Her face was set in hard lines.  She was on a mission, which namely was dealing out the promised retribution to her son.  He was vainly trying to change her mind, but it was not to be done.  She looked directly into the boy's eyes and he quaked, putting on an awful face.

"I don't want a spanking", his voice getting higher and definitely strained.  "NO, NO!"

"Well, I warned you this is what would happen if you kept on."  Her grand size and a quality in her voice, made me glance behind and the boy started moving and contorting his body in a language that said, "Retribution is coming.  And I will dread every moment from now until then.  And afterwards, there will be pain....  lots of pain to remind me that no means no.

"But I don't want a spanking!" the boy quietly wailed."

That's too bad.  It's too late, "she said; then hesitating for emphasis said in a measured tone, "You've earned it."  She said this with an awful finality.  "You are getting a spanking when we get home."  She replied.  He continued to beg for reprieve, but it was not to be found.

The boy began pleading with the dad, who clearly was outranked by the mom and said to him, "Well, how many times did she warn you?"  Something in his voice suggested hopelessness to the boy.

There was no mercy that could save him from the unfortunate fruit of his misdoings in all of
Sam's.  Whatever he had done would remain unchanged like a blot of ink on a fresh white paper.  This boy's unfortunate choices had cost him dearly and everyone knew it.  I don't know what he did, but I was sure that if I had been in his place, I would have stopped whatever it was, the very first time she warned.

Friday, December 26, 2014


Merry Christmas!  I had a wonderful and quiet christmas this year.  I am very aware of the wonder and awe of celebrating the birth of my saviour - Jesus - in the city of David - Bethlehem.  He came to earth for me and you and took on the semblance of a man.  He is fully man and fully God.  I am now righteous because of His shed blood for me.  I proclaim my need for a saviour.  I claim the lives of my children for Jesus.

I awoke this morning at 3 and felt burdened to pray for my grandchildren and my children.  I am still wide awake and it's almost 5.  I would like to share with you, some thoughts on prayer for our children.  I believe God has shown me these things:

Don't get discouraged over what seems to be unanswered prayer for your precious children.  I have prayed for going on 35 yrs now for some of mine, and have seen no visible result.  When I took this to God and asked Him to help me pray for them, I believe He gave me this:  two words...........
seed germination.  

Perhaps you are like me in that you have sown many many seeds for Christ in your child's life.  You have taught them Who Jesus is,  You have seen that many of those seeds have sprouted and grown, but not all.  You have also made mistakes and sown some bad seed.  You may have lived a sinful life before them, giving them the example of quenching the Spirit and of sin and defeat.  This cannot change the fact that you have also sown good seed.

Many of those good seed did not germinate , and just like the farmer growing crops there seems to be no reason for this.  Both the seed that germinated and the seed that did not, got water, sun, weeding etc., but for some reason not all sprouted and grew.  Now is the time to pray to your heavenly Father that He would cause all of those seed to germinate now.  Remind Him that we sowed good seed, and now are praying for Him to cause growth.

It is our job to sow - and God's job to cause growth.

Heavenly Father, please bring forth the life that is still hiding within the good seeds we have sown.  You have told us that Your word does not go out and return void, but always accomplishes that for which it has gone out.

Think this over, and begin praying.  He is waiting to hear from you .  He loves your children .

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Parable Just in Time for the Holidays

A Story of Memories and Today
Just in Time for the Holidays

To no one in particular, I voiced this dirge – this melancholy refrain which burdened my heart and relentlessly tore at my soul:

If there is any Good – any Love – or strength in Truth, come into my heart this morning. Fill me and wipe away all of the empty echoes of the past - where voices of children rang out, when we were all under one roof, when I was strong, and I knew which path to take - when I could fix what hurt, and a simple hug and kiss made it all better............  Come!”, I appealed to the sky above. “Come into my heart this morning.  I am too tired to hope they will all come home - that there will be a day when all sadness has faded, and when mistakes are past - when wrongs are undone.........  The scars seem as bad as fresh wounds.  Hope is dim,  and I have grown feeble.  Will they ever come home?  Some of the mistakes are mine, and some of the blame is mine, though I never meant for it to be so.  From a broken woman worn out and consumed by what I cannot erase - I used to be sure that all would work out, that good would prevail, and that no one would be lost............  But here I am, calling them home, with no answer..........  I hear my own voice calling out for the children who are gone...........  It seems so bitter now........... Even if they find their way, even if they WANTED to come home,  how will the years that  are gone, be made up for?

Is there such a thing as a second chance – or a third or fourth? I watched the chickens that were oblivious to my troubles, scratching around in their pen. I loved these birds that did not see beyond the worm just swallowed, or past the brief skirmish which revealed the pecking order. I gave them names. I had watched them hatch from their eggs and fight for freedom from the once safe shell that was a barrier to the world around. When the time came – somehow they knew when to engage in the struggle that was necessary for life. I knew I could not help in this process of birth. It had to be the chick who itself cracked the shell that bound them and broke away from the old to enter the new.

All they would ever know was the coop within the yard where they would spend their lives, enjoying the safety I had provided them. Brief battles between hens and one rooster.............. and he crowing his pride in all that was his.

I have always known that children are like chickens; living out the moment, not concerned with tomorrow. They enjoy the love of the mother hen who calls to her chicks when the shadow of the hawk overhead foretells something dreadful. They obediently run to her, snuggling in close beneath her wings until the danger has passed. The top hen calls out her victories over the lesser hens, and so their battles go.....

I am not a chicken, and my children are not chicks. And they are no longer within range of my voice. But old habits die hard. Forever linked with my kids, I sometimes sense danger and do sound the alarm even from a distance.

The yard is provided by me, as is the chicken coop. Their food is provided by me, and I oversee the relationships between them making sure there is harmony within.

As I am pondering all of this, I begin to imagine that I am perhaps more like a chicken than I think. Although my life has been painful at times and not at all easy, it has been a home for me. I have been protected from some things evil – much that is evil. And there have also been good things – uneventful things.

Twenty two years ago, I began to peck at my shell. Somehow I knew to hope for a better life – that it was time to leave one and enter another. I have broken down impossible walls and pierced through hard places so that I have glimpses of Goodness, Truth and Love.

My shell is Parkinson's Disease. In my battle against it, I must wage my war alone. I find my strength as I battle. I grow and get closer and closer to leaving the pieces and remnants of this shell behind. I know that on the other side of this broken shell, there is Love, Goodness and Truth. But in all honesty, I must admit that when the shell was whole, it too was good. Though I would not have chosen it, there was safety and room to grow – protection from what I was not ready to face.

PD has marked out the boundary lines around me and kept me within certain perameters, for reasons I do not know. But I don't have to know. Goodness, Love and Truth have protected me, and helped to shape me. My shell would not have suited you, nor yours mine. If you look and are willing to see, you will come to the same conclusion. That you are not alone, and you do have what you need to become who you were born to be. When it is the right time, you will break through the last and final piece of eggshell. Grow now where you have been planted. Don't struggle using up all your strength for battles that do not need to be fought. Trust the owner of the chicken coop! He is God, and He is Love. He does not give you an easy birth, but one that will take you from Hope to Love............

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Had a "Moment"

Last night I had a "moment".  I was just so sad............  The whole world is broken ,  I'm broken, you are broken, and those you know are broken.  This globe that we live on has been abused and taken for granted - unappreciated.

In my corner of the world, I see things that just make me despondent.  They are little things to be sure, but much loved, and missed when they are gone.  For instance, the stars..........  We live outside of our small city, and it's rather like country - or at least parts of it.  We used to be able to see the stars so much brighter than they are now.  When I slip out onto the back patio, after dark, where once the tree frogs and other night creatures. sang out, there is silence.  The still quiet of the night that comes from small populations, and the absence of convenience stores is even disappearing.  More and more I hear the rumble of loud engines as cars go by, in place of the lowing of the cow for her calf, or the packs of coyotes that run free.

My daughter is a bee keeper.  I've learned that bees are very docile workers who do really amazing things:  they dance in the hive when they find a good food source and they want to tell the others; they produce and share with us that wonderful food - honey.  They pollinate our flowers and vegetable gardens and without them we could grow no food.  But for some reason, bees are disappearing..... (

A person with a disability will look at things differently  than someone who is strong and healthy.  We may be afraid to try new things, or stop doing old familiar things because we cannot depend on our bodies to respond to things in the needed way.

But I will move on from this sad moment.  I don't want to get stuck.  I can do little to change the world, but I can  decide how to live in my little corner..........  and you can too!