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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Parkinson's Disease, an Enemy in the Flesh, is not Altogether Unlike my Spiritual Enemy


The nature of the times in which we live calls for clarification of the precise role Satan and demons may play in the life and experience of a believer.... In these sinister spirit personalities, humanity, especially redeemed humanity, has an implacable enemy. This foe is dedicated to alienate man from God and to keep him from Christ's saving grace. When men do believe the gospel, Satan exerts every effort to turn them away from God's will. He knows that once they are saved they are beyond his power insofar as their position before God and their eternal destiny are concerned. So he determines to do them as much damage as he can , seeking to ruin their Christian life and testimony for God.

Satan is relentless and pitiless in his hatred for God and the people of God. What makes the devil a fearful foe is the fact of his great power. This is augmented by the assistance of innumerable fallen angels or demons. Satanic forces constitute a mighty evil spiritual reality to be seriously reckoned with by the entire fallen race, both redeemed and unredeemed....

Actually Satan is the most powerful person in the universe after God. Although he is a creature and a vast gap separates him as such from the Creator, he is the first creature and evidently the most glorious of all creatures.....Our Lord plainly intimated that Satan is a king and presides over a kingdom (Matthew 12;26). As a potentate reigning over the realm of spiritual darkness, Satan extends his sway over the evil angels or demons. Through these 'principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and wicked spirits in the heavenlies' (Ephesians 6:12), he exerts dominion over the fallen human race. As men open the door to him by sin and rebellion against God, he enters to dominate and enslave....

The saints must realize that they are the bull's-eye, as it were, against which Satan and his demon helpers aim their most fiery darts. They constitute Satan's deadliest foes and the greatest threat to his authority and powers. This is why saints dare not be oblivious of Satan's malignity nor 'ignorant of his devices' (2 Corinthians 3:11).


annie said...

while i am in agreement with you regarding the facts my perspective is different
i major on the holy spirit working through me and that more angels remain faithful
with this understanding plus many wonderful promises we can go forward in Jesus name
i have been dtagnosed with parkinsons maybe 20yrs and my age is 70yrs

Anna said...

Thank you, Annie, for your comment. It's always a joy to me to hear from my readers!