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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Have you tried coconut oil?

I just read that diseases like Parkinson's Disease can be tremendously helped by adding certain foods to your diet. I encourage you to google PD and coconut oil. As I understand it, our brain needs glucose to function, but when we have PD the cells become insulin resistant, so the brain is starved for glucose (the fuel that powers the brain). But if we eat certain foods - like coconut oil - the liver can break that down into keytones which is an alternate way of feeding the brain. Reportedly tremors can disappear and cognitive function improves.
Of course, one should check with a doctor before altering the diet, but I can tell you that I added some coconut oil to a bowl of kaaska this morning! I urge you to pray for heavenly knowledge and wisdom then look this up. God heals in many ways, and I know that you have prayed many a prayer for healing.
You can get coconut oil at a health food store, or even online. Buy organic, cold pressed, virgin or extra virgin coconut oil, if you decide to try it with me. God loves you precious ones, and He knows the answer to every mystery.


juju said...

Is the coconut oil helping? Have you tried coconut milk as well?

Anna said...

I believe there are overall good effects, but specifically my memory is much better

Unknown said...

I melt the coconut oil over popcorn instead of butter.

Heather said...

Hi Anna! I was wondering if you could report back on your coconut oil results? I have a close friend whos mother has PD and would like to pass on information!

God Bless!

Anna said...

Hi, Heather. The coconut oil (i use virgin organic coconut oil) is easiest used just by taking a tablespoon up to several times a day. My memory is much better, and I think it contributes to overall feeling better, but it's hard to say exactly how much of that overall feeling is directly attributable to the coconut oil. I also eat a lot of organic fresh greens and other foods. My balance and my strength are improved when I am keeping up with those kinds of foods.

Hilzeber Escaner said...

Hello, I have Parkinson's too and it has affected my speech. Upon learning that virgin coconut oil, helps PD, I immediately bought and tried 2 tbspn every after meal. After 3 days, the effect seemed to be better to me. My speech quite improved and my 'always-numb-seemed' leg seem improve. This is just after 3 days. I'l wait for the effect after a week.

Anna said...

Thank you so much, Hilzeber for your comment. I'm so glad you're getting good results from the coconut oil. I'm praying for further improvements in your condition!