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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hurry Up - Or Wait

Parkinson's Disease imposes many restrictions. One is that I am slowed down a great deal. I cannot initiate quick movements. Even my tongue has slowed down and it's sometimes so frustrating to not be able to roll the words off of my tongue like I used to so effortlessly do. It certainly could be worse though. No one has a problem understanding me.

But I have had to develope patience. It takes me much longer to make the bed or write a sentence than it does for most people. If I'm not careful I can start to listen to that inner nagging voice that says, "Hurry! Everyone is tired of waiting for you! You are SOOOO slow! Don't even try if you can't do better than that". This is a voice that I need to ignore. This is not the gentle voice of God. He is patient and kind. There have been times in the past when I opted not to try, thinking my slow response would be worse than no response at all, but I came to see that this is not true. I learned to recognize which voice was God's voice. And I came to see that He does not impose on me tasks which I'm too slow to do. Perhaps the task is one that is best done slowly and one that takes the persistance of a slow and deliberate person. His voice always encourages and gives hope. And most important of all, I learned that He waits for me! What a beautiful thing............. God waiting on me...........

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