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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Words We Use

I love words. They are the elements of language. I use them to tell you my story and I use them to interpret your own story as I listen to them. We grow together or draw the line between us because of words.
We learn that the words of some are worth listening to, because they inspire hope and increase our knowledge, encouraging us to move forward in a worthy direction. The words of others are to be disregarded because they will point us in the wrong direction and move us away from our intended destination.
How much thought do you give to your words? What is it that you want to share with others? I think of the words of Jesus Christ.......... His words are so rich and alive that we still study them today, memorizing them and meditating on them. His words point the way to life. They are not always what we WANT to hear, but they are truth and love. Today I am happy to share my thoughts with you, and I encourage you to tell someone at least one part of the journey you have journied, and leave them a little richer...a little encouraged to keep on, and inspired to reach for what is good.
Dear Holy Spirit - send my words out like blossoms in the wind, shedding light on Your truth, convicting where You choose, and causing growth as You will....................

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