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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life and Death

Today in church, the pastor gave a great explanation of what it means to be spiritually dead. He said that its just like a corpse at the wake. It is laid in the coffin where people can view it. It once housed the loved one, but now is an empty shell. It is not the person. It has eyes but it can't see. There are ears but it cannot hear. There is a heart, but it doesn't beat. The equipment is there, but it's dead - it doesn't work.
Similarly if we are not born again, we are like the dead (indeed we ARE dead). We cannot respond to life or God in any way. It's impossible.
A body with a disease is like that. I have the equipment - hands, arms, fingers, legs etc. - but they don't work.
My disease reminds me that on my own I cannot reach God or even be good. I can't do anything at all, because I am spiritually dead. I need Jesus to give me life first.
I am reminded that God desires to give us life. He did not even hold back the life of His own dear Son. Jesus couldn't bear to think about eternal life without a single one of us, so He died for us. It breaks His heart when we refuse His beautiful gift of life, rejecting Him, choosing to remain dead.
I hope that you will choose Jesus and life.................

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