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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feeling Ugly?

Feelings can be good or not so good. We all have relationship in one way or another, with one person or many. When relationships are tenuious, I begin to wonder, if it's me. I so easily fall into thinking that I'm not interesting enough or good enough. And the fact that I have a disease that is so unlovely - well it makes me feel unlovely.
Oh, I know that life is much more than these silly feelings. Most of the time, I am aware of my value, but there are times of doubt......times when I don't like myself, and I just get stuck there for a little while.
Life with a disease is challenging enough without thinking how it changes my smile and takes the twinkle out of my eyes. I don't like the shadow that covers my face, or the lack of strength that looks like grace has fled.
Instead I am grateful for the courage God has given me to face a new day. I am thankful that He is always with me. And I love His strength that radiates from within.
Thank you, Lord, for beauty unspeakable........Thank you that its You I see........

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