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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Trials, Tragedy and Trust

If you are challenged with serious health issues, then I think I can say - with certainty - that things have not been easy for you. I'll bet you have faced trials and temptations that you never imagined would come your way. I would venture to say that you have faced your own powerlessness and had your back against the wall on numerous occasions.
Having been there, I can say I am glad for all I've been through. Don't get me wrong. I would never have chosen pain and suffering. And bad things - like a crippling disease - is a tragedy - a bad thing and will never become a good thing. The amazing thing is that God is in the business of bringing forth something good and right and beautiful from what would otherwise be a failure or a waste.
God is not the author of evil. But He does take what appears to be unredeemable and by some mystery makes beauty, goodness and honor a reality.
But let me get back to the part about being glad for all I've been through. Do you know what I learned? A most precious truth.............. God can be trusted. When the storm of some unexpected tragedy blows about you like a hurricane, and you are delivered one by one from hardships and from the advances of hopelessness and despair, you begin to know that God is trustworthy. Even if you don't witness the disappearance of trouble, you understand that you have been saved. With the psalmist in the 23rd Psalm, you will know that God has "prepared a table for you IN THE PRESENCE of your enemies."

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