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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Appetite

I am aware that the way I eat is not always so healthy. There is too much processed food with preservatives and who knows what additives in my diet. One of the problems is that I'm used to it and actually like it. But I'm aware that I need to form new habits and break old ones. Otherwise, my body will run poorly.
Isn't sin like that? We are so used to thinking and acting in unhealthy ways, we have developed a taste for it.
Well, what do I do about this? The first thing is to become aware of it. If you're like me the thoughts of changing overwhelm me. I feel like I could never turn this around. And if I could how would I go about it? Even just getting to the point where I no longer have a taste for what is unhealthy seems an impossibility. My will power is easily disregarded when it comes to some things. So here is my starting point: prayer.

Heavenly Father, I know I need to change, but I don't know how. I don't even have an appetite for what's good. Please put Your good and perfect desires within me. Give me an appetite for precisely what my body/spirit needs. I know we are all unique and I know that what one person needs might not be MY greatest need, so please give me the knowledge and wisdom that I need to live a holy and healthy life today and every day. Help me to take care of this body you have given me.

I confess that I am discouraged with the thought that a change for me is too late and won't do any good. But I give this to you and ask for the hope I need and belief in Your goodness and wisdom to inspire me to pursue what You have provided for my strength and clarity of mind.

Thank you, Lord.

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