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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

For You, Juju!

Whenever I think of the future, a cloud of uncertainty sails in, casting a shadow over all my thoughts. What degree of disability will I be dealing with? What will I still be able to do? Will I still have just as many friends? Or will everyone have run out of patience with me? Will I be more uncomfortable than I am now? Who will help me when I run out of strength?

Even if we could answer all of those questions, we wouldn't be able to stop the progression of this disease. We can worry 'til the cows come home, but we'll only compound our misery and probably our aches and pains too. We need to avoid this kind of stress. Easy to say!

But if we engage in worry over what we cannot control, then we have openned the door to Fear and all of its cousins - Self Pity, Despair, Hopelessness, Self-Centeredness and more.

When fearful thoughts come marching through your head, replace them with the truth. And the truth is this:

If you are a Believer in the God of the Bible and in His only Son, Jesus, then you know you belong to Him. You know He loves you. You are His, therefore He will strengthen you when your strength runs out. He will comfort you when you're broken-hearted. He will guide you when you don't know the way. When the devil goes to work on you, the Lord will contend with him. He will not forget you even when you forget him. His nail scarred hands are a constant visible reminder to Him that you are His. He decides how many days you will live on this earth and nothing can touch you unless He allows it. And if He allows it - there's a reason.

He never promised us earthly wealth and ease of living. He never said there would be no troubles. What He said was that we would never have to endure - for a single moment - ANYTHING - without Him. We will never have to go ANYWHERE without Him. He never leaves us without promises of deliverance at ANY TIME. What you don't know... HE does.

Trust Him to get you through to the end of your days. Here is His promise:

"I have bourne you from birth, carried you since the womb. Till your old age I will be the same - I will carry you until your hair is white. I have made you and I will bear you; yes, I will carry and save you." (Isaiah 46:3-4

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juju said...

Oh Anna, thank you! The LORD surely spoke to me through you, I found it interesting that you used the words self-pity and self-centeredness. I see that this is the root of all our problems - our God is too small while we are much too big!!!! I will ponder this as well as all the promises He has made to me. Thank you for reminding me of them! God bless you, dear sister!