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Monday, March 12, 2012

Autobiography - One

Today I thought I would begin to share my story with you in small increments, so let's stop time for a bit and travel backwards. I was thirty-something (I am now 58), and married with four children, living in Texas.

My life being about my family, it was easy not to think of myself or my problems, but it became obvious there was something wrong with me. At first, the slight inconvenience of a body that sometimes and in small ways did not behave as it should, was troublesome, but could quickly be packed up into a thought that I stored at the back of my mind. It was easy to ignore.

The first thing I noticed was a slight clumsiness in my left hand. Also, when I walked, my arm wasn't swinging as it should have. Clapping my hands was an effort. Before long my right hand began to feel clumsy as well. They were small things really that I couldn't picking up a coin, or buttoning my shirt; but things neverless that I should have been able to do without difficulty.

So, I started going to doctors to find out what was wrong. They tested for MS, for copper in my eyes, for pinched nerves in my neck and other things. For a year and a half, no one could diagnose my problem.

Finally, I was sent to a noted neurologist at Columbia University in New York city and I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I took this news in quietly but it all seemed unreal to me. I had always been healthy, strong and physically fit. Now all of that was to change..............

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